(D) Connecticut

(D) Connecticut

Dannel P. Malloy is in his second term as the Governor of Connecticut. Since 2011, his administration’s top agenda items have included creating jobs, improving public education, stabilizing the state’s finances, investments in the state’s transportation infrastructure, and protecting the environment.

The Governor has focused on strengthening initiatives that help small businesses create and maintain jobs. He also has been a strong proponent of establishing Connecticut as a center of innovation in growth industries that are leading 21st Century advancements, including in bioscience, digital media, engineering, manufacturing, and other fields.

Recognizing that one of Connecticut’s best and most competitive resources is its well-educated workforce, he has made education a focus of his economic development ežorts, investing in schools at every level. At a time when many other states were cutting funding for public education funding, Governor Malloy increased funding to local schools and funded thousands of new pre-K slots. He has also worked with the state’s higher education institutions to implement initiatives that are making Connecticut a major hub of research and development.

Under Governor Malloy’s leadership, Connecticut became the first state in the nation to pass a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour and to pass legislation guaranteeing paid sick leave for workers. Other priorities have included establishing an Earned Income Tax Credit; helping his state’s uninsured population obtain quality, ažordable healthcare; replenishing the state’s Rainy Day Fund; ažordable housing; and addressing chronic homelessness among U.S. veterans by implementing programs that ensure veterans have access to quality housing, health care, education, and career opportunities.

The Governor has received honorary degrees from several higher education institutions, including the University of New Haven, the University of Saint Joseph, the University of Bridgeport, and Nichols College.